Air conditioning often referred to as AC, is the technology for regulating a room’s temperature to comfortable levels. AC units are used for both domestic and industrial purposes to maintain temperature to certain levels. They work by removing the heated air inside of the building and forcing it outside.

An AC unit includes the following HVAC components:

  • Compressor
  • Fan
  • Condenser Coil (Hot)
  • Evaporator Coil (Cool)
  • Chemical Refrigerant

Over time, AC units will require maintenance services for air ducts, filters, compressors, etc. Regular AC maintenance is mandatory for ac filters, coils, and fins for its efficient functioning throughout years. Foul smells, lack of cooling air, or unusual sounds are regular signs you can watch for to keep your unit in good repair. These signs are an indication that the air conditioning system is malfunctioning and requires an immediate repair. Failure to keep up with proper maintenance may result in the complete break down of the unit.

With nearly four decades of experience, the skilled HVAC contractors at D&L are always here for any questions or concerns you have about your unit. Our professional team handles repairs quickly and efficiently, and we also offer maintenance plans if you’d like to be proactive against inevitable issues. Give us a call at (843) 393-6523!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is D & L Inc Air Conditioning repair service best at Florence SC ?

As a full-service HVAC company, D&L, Inc. provides services to meet the needs of a wide range of clients—from commercial designs to industrial projects. Established in 1978, we’ve grown our business over the past 30 years by maintaining a dedication to service, quality, and professionalism. That includes having the highest safety standards for our employees and utilizing leading technology for our clients.

Our service technicians are trained to handle any system needs you might have, providing both prompt and competent service every time. Our staff members work on heavy and expensive equipment and drive a fully equipped fleet of work trucks, so we conduct regular drug/alcohol checks, criminal background checks and run driving record histories. They’re also experienced and receive ongoing technical and safety training.

Do we need Air Conditioning services in annually?

Yes, as your AC unit runs, dust and dirt is deposited in key areas and that will decrease your Air conditioner system efficiency each year by 5% – 8%.

What is the difference between air conditioning repair and services?

If your Air conditioning system is malfunctioning then we have to repair that unit.

If Air conditioner is working but it has a foul smell and water is dripping down from it, then it is time for servicing.

Which are the some of the important parts of AC units that need maintenance?

The parts such as air ducts, filters, compressors, etc. require regular maintenance services.

The signs your Air Conditioner needs Repair:

  1.              Blows hot air
  2.              Poor Air Flow
  3.              Strange Sounds from the system
  4.              Moisture near the system
  5.              Strange Smell